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Mar 28

28th March 2020 Kimbos blog


Second week end of the new way of living, this week end was dedicated to spring cleaning my kitchen.    Its been 18 months since our new kitchen was installed and  already the cupboards were in need of a clean and a good sort out, so therapeutic too.

My daily exercise today was a run it was cooler today but lovely to be outside, I then made myself a healthy breakfast, thin fruit bagel with mashed avocado  which I mixed with lemon juice, lemon juice and a dash of olive oil.  With smoked salmon and poached eggs, yummy!

Last night we hosed our first on line quiz with a small group of friends after a few initial IT issues we managed quite well, it was lovely to see our friends and spend some time together in our new virtual world.  The idea is to do this as our new alternative Friday night, taking in turns to host the quiz and the winner gets a surprise present delivered by Amazon.   We even talked about hosting  virtual dinner party.

The other idea I have had is to organise story time for my 3 grandchildren on line, we had our first one today and it went really well, Rosie and Zachary are only 3 months apart in age so the loved seeing each other.  They got dressed up as Super girl and Super man and we had a little educational session where Rosie showed Zachary some cards and he had to identify the animals on each one and how many there were. I then read them a story, it lasted 40 mins which you get free on Zoom.  Its really easy to set up and down load and everyone can see each other, give it a go, in this new reality we need to find imaginative ways to keep in touch.tv1tv3


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