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Apr 04

4th April 2020 blog – lock down activities!

End of the 3rd week of our new way of living during this incredibly strange and never experienced before episode in our lives.  I feel so fortunate to be able to work from home, not just from the financial aspect but also from a psychological one too, having a focus and a routine is so important as it gives us a purpose and maintains a routine.

Like many people at the moment, I am able to do many of the things I have not had the time to do before or I have put off with doing other things instead,  I have the been writing myself a  list for each week and taking great delight in slowly ticking them off!

This week has been continuing on the theme of decluttering and cleaning,  the first one was two jobs in one really, as you know from my Blog I like to try out different beauty nexproducts but this has meant I have accumulated an enormous amount of them.

Next job was to clear out and clean the cupboard in the en suite under the sink, hubby was involved in this one as half of the stuff is his too!  Again threw out loads of stuff, we ordered some baskets from Amazon to keep things tidier and it was with great excitement this morning when we got the email to say delivery was today and we could get on with this job, how things have changed when hubby’s Saturday in the past was purely built around watching sport, now he is  excited about getting some baskets.

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