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Aug 04

4th August 2019 – week end blog. Had a quiet night in on Friday just the two of us (hubby (Loz) and me, decided on a Friday night curry – Thai Massaman Curry. Now I have been making this from scratch originally after my fabulous Daughter in Law (Maud) recommend it to me and shared a recipe. However I tried one of the Blue Dragon kits a while ago and found them to be fantastic, no artificial ingredients and makes it a much faster dish to create, also low calorie and fat content at only 360 calories a portion. I usually buy rump steak which I slice before cutting. The recipe you get with it includes adding potatoes, I use baby potatoes cut into small pieces which I boil for 10 mins first, I also add in some fresh sweet corn. I have started to used the rice in pouch that you can microwave which is just enough for two people, to go with it and I also steam some fresh spinach as a side. Would also recommend the Thai Green Curry too, in this range, which is best with chicken. Saturday morning was dry and sunny so managed my 5k run in the morning and we were off to my daughter’s (Alex) best friends birthday party in the afternoon. Sunday is my Zumba a fun class which also has the benefits of burning calories, back home for late breakfast which was avocado – I mix it with some chilli flakes, lemon juice and olive oil – pop it onto a slice of wholemeal toast and then two poached eggs., yummy and fills you up too. Rest of the day to relax, read the papers and potter my perfect Sunday.

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