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Nov 03

Eating out, new cleaning product and winter running. Weekend Blog 1st November 2019

I have blogged previously about the fabulous Pink Stuff  cleaning paste, for tackling virtually  any difficult stains, well on my monthly visit to Home and Bargain this week to purchase all my household cleaning, I found a new The Pink Stuff product. The Miracle Cream Cleaner again 100% natural products and at the bargain price of…………. 99 pence.  I used it yesterday on my bath which is white and takes a good scrub at the best of times to get it sparkling clean, I simply squirted the cream around the bath and then wiped with a damp cloth, it came up instantly clean, I have since tried it on the shower door, my cooker hob and all easily cleaned and no residue.   I have set myself a challenge this winter to keep up my outside running, at least one run a week and for the first time ever I have just ran 5k in November!  What a glorious morning for a run outside, fresh, dry and not too cold, felt great when I got back and I am going to do my best to find one day a week when I can get out and do a run as I have challenged myself and a belief I had that I only run in the summer, I don’t like the rain but I do like a fresh winter day so there is no real reason why I cant do this,  is there?   Last Sunday we had a belated anniversary celebration to see Andrea Bocelli, he performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Beverly Knight, it was fabulous and as usual Time to Say Goodbye brought me to tears.  Before the concert we dinner at the Ivy in Manchester, what a great restaurant good food, service and ambience would definitely recommend it if your coming into Manchester but you need to book.



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