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Oct 06

Investing in new foundation, time for a change and a successful dinner with friends – Weekend Blog 4th October 2019


Estee Lauder Purchases and freebies

I have been a fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for a long time but recently I have started to feel that whilst its fantastic for coverage it was starting to look to heavy on my skin and instead of covering fine lines it was sitting in them and therefore making them look more noticeable!  I took myself off to Debenhams to get some advise as I have always found the staff at Estee Lauder really helpful and knowledgeable and I wasn’t disappointed.  The lady spent a good half hour with me and I discovered that there is an alternative now called Double Wear Light, I also discovered that the colour I have been wearing was too light for me and she advised me to try something a bit warmer and I love the result.  What is good about going into see someone is this extra advise you can get, they also give you a weeks worth of the foundation to try at home which is really good too.  I have been using a foundation brush to apply my foundation for a few years now and I did by it from them but I really needed a new one so I bought one of those and a new primer that helps glide the foundation on and I have noticed that I now apply much less foundation that before.  Although they didn’t have any offers on at the time (you know the ones where you need to buy 2 products but then receive a gift of samples!) she found a make up bag in the cupboard and filled it with some sample products for me.  Two of the items where of  particular interest to me a new night and a eye cream which I am currently trying out, in terms of customer service Estee Lauder and Clarins are probably the two best particularly if you want to try something new and get some decent product samples first.  Debenhams on line has 15% off on line orders at the moment with free delivery too.  On the subject of night cream I blogged last month about the new Elemis  Super Food Night cream I have been using and last week end there was a write up on it by the Beauty Editor in one of the supplements absolutely raving about the benefits of the cream, it was quoted as costing £46 but I when I blogged about it I had purchased it from www.justmylook.com for only £26.00, it went out of stock for a few weeks but I have checked this morning and its back at £30.95 which is still a good price.  Moving away from beauty to food, we had some friends round for dinner last night and as now seems to be the new tradition, I wanted to cook something that we could enjoy round the island rather than the more formal sitting down a the dining table and having 3 courses served.  I decided on a version of Moroccan lamb, I was thinking of using rack of lamb but there wasn’t any available at the supermarket so I bought 14 lamb cutlets (there was 4 of us for dinner) and marinated them with olive oil, nutmeg, cumin, paprika and rosemary which I prepared in the afternoon.  I fried them off quickly and then put them into the oven with the marinade  for 15 minutes and then took them out and let them rest for a good 10 mins and there was enough juice to put in a small separate pot.  I served the lamb with couscous (Moroccan style with raisins), flat breads which I put in some damped grease proof paper in layers with olive oil and oregano, natural yogurt into which I swirled a mix of olive oil, garlic (I use the lazy garlic) and paprika, some humous and a few sweet potato fries and then a simple rocket salad in which I put some toasted pine nuts cooked in olive oil and grated parmesan.  It went down really well and I will definitely cook this again as I was able to prep nearly everything but the lamb before and so I didn’t feel stressed trying to cook with everyone in the kitchen with me!  Lastly 3 things have happened this week that mean winter is here, firstly I had to give in and wear tights and secondly that meant I had to sort out my winter wardrobe and put away my summer one and lastly I think that this was last run outside this week, it was lovely and fresh but with so much rain recently it was also very muddy so back to the gym for me I think.


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