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Jun 02

Jubilee Blog – 2nd June 2022 – Self Healing and Nurturing

When we are trying to heal our selves we need to  start with looking at the relationship we have with ourselves, too often we have been  looking towards  what others think of us,  as  this seems more important than what .we think about our selves, chasing approval from others stops us from being connected to our own values and in turn our own needs.  This is why self care can often be about doing things that feel uncomfortable, it might even mean removing yourself from relationships where you find yourself denying parts of who you are, its giving up the need to be ‘liked’.

It is not a self indulgent act, its more about taking responsibility for your own needs and the way you feel and engage with those around you, even if it doesn’t get you the approval your used to or it feels uncomfortable.  You will know when you are healing because you recognise that you are attracted to people who allow you to you.

Part of the self healing process is to learn to nurture ourselves,  give your self permission to do the things that you know are good for you, these may  be different to those that others think you should do, start by identifying what your needs are so take time to reflect as these things can often be from your past, from childhood sometimes things that you only associate with being a child and not the adult you have become.

Nurturing our selves can be;





Learning new things

Spending time with people you love

Getting the rest your body needs

Filing your body with nourishing foods

Be silly/playful/make yourself laugh/dance like  no one is watching

The sense of touch

This is just a sample of ideas, you may have different ones and you will probably have more than one, what will yours be?
















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