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Aug 23

Mac Make Up – 22nd August 2019 Blog. Had a trip to the Mac Counter in Selfridges yesterday, as I was low on eye shadow and felt my summer shimmer blusher was not right for the onset of the new season. I always buy my eye shadows from them for several reasons but most importantly is the opportunity to see what they look like on before I buy and the staff are brilliant at what they do I often come away with something different and learn a new technique. A top tip I use is to slightly dampen the applicator you are using (and a small brush is definitely best) and then apply the eyeshadow to the brush, this stops the shadow crumbling onto your face and also helps to set the shadow and avoid the creasing you can sometimes get and lastly it seems to stay on much longer too. I have gone for a very different shade of blusher this time as I noticed on pictures of myself that my face sometimes looked pale and my cheeks a hollow. On discussing this with the make up artist she showed me a better way to apply the blusher and suggested this different shade which I really like. This process took around half an hour and is a really good service and reasonable costs for the products too with the 3 purchases coming to £50.00 and they threw in some samples and a free mac lipstick as well. Today was hair cut and colour day, experimenting a bit with my colour as it has gone very light in the summer and pleased with the result. So it has been a few days of pampering for me, spa treatments, new make up and hair always good to dedicate time and invest in yourself.


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