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May 31

Mint tea, social distancing, hair care and a house hold must….. Weekend Blog 30th May 2020

Another week of lock down completed, I have been blogging about many aspects of beauty during lock down and one benefit I am now reaping is my nails.  In recent years my nails have become very brittle, I have been unable to grow them because they split and break off.  I did use to have them regularly manicured and had gel polish on them and I really think that this has damaged my nails so over the last couple of years I have not had them done but even so they had not really improved.

I blogged around 8 weeks ago on some new nail treatments I wanted to try which was a clear nail hardening varnish and cuticle oil and I have been religiously using them each week.  My nails have never been better, they are back to being super hard and have not  split or broken and are lovely and long too!

I also blogged a few weeks ago about hair treatments I do love Olaplex but it is expensive, so I purchased one from my favourite beauty discount website justmylook. com and as an alternative would really recommend it – L’oreal Vitamino Colour treatment, its been particularly good on my hair which is bleached high lights.

31.5 hair

My H20 steam cleaner packed in at the start of lock down and I have been struggling on with the old fashioned mop and bucket, no longer I have ordered a new one the latest version and its fab, pop a drop of Zoflora in for a fab fresh cleaned smell.

31.5 h20


Two years ago I finally kicked my diet coke addiction, yes it was that bad the amount of empty bottles I would clear out of my car at the end of a working week was shameful.  I love herbal tea but with the hot weather I need cold drinks so I have been making a large jug of mint tea with 4 herbal tea bags and keeping it in the fridge and then serving it over ice, very good for you and cheap too!

31.5 tea


A local photographer has been out in our village taking door step/garden lock down pictures she came to my daughters and took some in the garden, I love this one of me giving my grandson a sunflower for the garden.  One of my friends Fiona has been making face masks and this picture is one of my daughter in law and my granddaughter Rosie.


More next week, stay safe.











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