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Aug 05

Monday 5th August 2019 – Off to see my two beautiful granddaughters in Yorkshire today (Rosie and Darcy) with my daughter and grandson Zach, so no time for usual Monday gym workout. Decided to start today with a workout at home, a Davina McCall DVD. It’s quite old (bought it off Amazon a few years ago) but I like it because its a combination of high and low intensity routines, using hand weights and trust me you know you have done a thorough workout at the end of 40 minutes. Mondays are a detox day for me after the weekend I like to give my body a rest so I drink plenty of water and miss out a meal, usual the evening one. A few years ago I wanted to lose some weight (about half a stone) and liked the idea of the 5/2 diet by Michael Mosley. It works really well and is a great way to kick start some quick weight loss as well as the added benefits that fasting has on your body. These benefits range from; helping reduce insulin resistance, asthma, seasonal allergies, heart arrhythmias, menopausal flashes, reduced fat mass and inflammation If your not familiar with the diet, 5 days of the week are normal eating days (normal in terms of healthy!) while the other 2 days are restricted to calories of 500 to 600 calories only. I now just do it one day a week and the way it works for me is to eat breakfast as late as possible, which is usually fruit and Greek yoghurt and then a late lunch such as an omelette or chicken with salad as well drinking plenty of herbal tea. I then fast until Tuesday morning, I find by doing this that I can maintain my weight where I like it to be. Lastly for today, have you tried these new Bournville chocolate buttons great for a quick fix of chocolate and these fruit drops for adding to your water (no calories) I love this passion fruit one.


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