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Apr 26

More on hair products, recipe ideas and exercise ideas during lock down – Week end Blog 24th April 2020

Continuing on the hair theme, Toni & Guy’s Label M Brand products are fabulous but pricey, in the past I have topped up uneven colour tones with So Silver from Home and Bargains at £2.99 each for a shampoo and conditioner and they are good value for money.

So when I received an email with an offer from Toni & Guy I had a look at it,  for a 1,000 ml bottle of their own version of a similar product, called Cool Blond  Shampoo at £35.00 you get the conditioner 1,000 ml bottle for free!  This is a great price and considering you don’t use it for every wash – I will be using mine once a week – it will probably last 12 months, the difference in how the products smell, how your hair feels after using it and the overall result is worth the initial outlay.  For other hair colours they also have their Colour Stay  range as well as many other shampoos with the same offer for a free conditioner, so worth a look — use this link:


label m

lable m wash

I am still concentrating on ensuring I keep in shape during lock down and something I have really enjoyed during this lovely weather is not only a 5k run outside, my favourite is running along the canal, but also exercising in the garden.  Using the on line Les Mills free work outs I set my laptop up in the kitchen and pop it on high bar stool facing the garden with the bi folding doors open and then do the exercise on the patio.   Try this link for a taster of what’s available:


Trying different recipe’s out to get some variety now that we are eating in 7 nights a week, trying to avoid takeaway’s and stay healthy, as well reducing the contacts outside of our home.  I cooked a lovely roast chicken meal last week by stuffing the chicken with a orange, which I first squeezed all over the chicken and then cut into quarters and placed inside the chicken and then added some olive oil and plenty of mixed herbs.  After roasting for around 45 mins covered in foil, I uncovered the chicken and placed vegetables around the chicken, thoroughly basting the chicken and veg with the juices.  I had in the fridge; parsnips, sweet potatoes, red onion and carrots,  and then back in the oven for 45 mins.

The next day I made my hubby a delicious Caesar Salad with the left over the chicken and with the remaining vegetables I made a Roast Dinner soup using the juices too, delicious.

I found another new gorgeous granola by chance in Sainsburys last week as I had ran out of my favourite brand and this was all they had its lovely and will be buying it again.

Stay safe, more next week.










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