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Jun 28

New beauty discovery, mixing products with good results, cutting my own hair and a first cuddle with my youngest grandchild since lock down. Week end Blog 26th June 2020

A much awaited cuddle with this little one this week feel as if I have missed a big chunk of her development as they change so much and so quickly at this age and a couple of days later she walked for the first time.


I blogged recently about this new version of Vaseline moisturizer and have also blogged in the past about the gel version which I use once a week as a intense treatment.  I experimented this week, by adding the two together, it worked really well and as you may know the gel version is quite greasy when you first apply it and so its really an overnight treatment.  By adding some into the moisturizer you negate that and the result is a really lovely silky cream, well worth trying.

It really was desperation stakes this week in regards to my hair, so gave myself a fringe cut and went for a full fringe!  Actually quite pleased with the resutl, thankfully!

I have been reading about the benefits of Vitamin C in face products and came across an article about this product which gave it really good reviews.  I found it on offer at Boots for £6.99…………. yes £6.99!  Its a toner so you firstly cleanse you face as normal, I am still using Clarins which I have done for years, then you massage this oil into your skin and then gently splash your face with warm water.  It then changes into a foam and it really does leave your skin feeling fabulous.  Would recommend giving it a try, I think it will be staying as my new toner from here.








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