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Aug 21

New products to try – Wednesday 21st August 2019. I had a fabulous Decleor back, neck and scalp massage today followed by a facial, I try tohave a treatment once a month not only is it super relaxing but its also very beneficial and detoxing. Decleor is not a product I have used much but it is one of the most widely used in good salons particularly abroad and has been established for nearly 50 years! My therapist mentioned the benefits of using Iris oil for aging skin as it helps stimulate collagen (something that we stop producing in later life and is the route cause of those dreaded lines). So if anti-ageing is your primary goal (its certainly mine) this is one to try, it works to detoxify the skin as well as helping the epidermis to appear tightened. I have researched the best place to purchase and as usually my favourite website www.justmylook.com didn’t let me down, Lavendule Iris Face Serum is £31.90 and the Night Balm is £22.90. I will purchase some soon when my current face oil and night creams need replenishing and feedback. One last quick new product I have tried this week, is a shower gel by Palmolive called Just Fabulous and by complete co-incidence it contains Iris Oil as well as Avocado, it has a lovely texture and smell and is currently on offer at Morrisons…. wait for it………. for a £1.00 give it a try.


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