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Sep 29

Perfume and memories…..Weekend Blog 27th September 2019. The 17th September was my 4th wedding anniversary and my husband knows exactly what present I want because its the same one each year, a bottle of my wedding day perfume. I had 3 ‘best friend bridesmaids’ and they surprised me by taking me to Pulse of Perfumery in the lovely village of Knutsford to buy me my wedding day perfume, where the Perfumer takes you on a journey to your perfect perfume. It was a lovely experience (helped along by copious amounts of fizz too!) the perfumer asked me and my friends about me to understand about my personality together with asking me to smell various scents explaining about them each time for example flower based, citrus based etc., without me knowing any brands. The end result was a perfume I had not heard off before Gin Fizz by Luben and by a strange co-incidence there was a connection for me immediately to this perfume to my mother. He told me that this perfume had been created especially for Grace Kelly who was an American film actress and married Prince of Monaco the same year that my mum and dad got married. My mum was a big fan of hers so much so she made a replica of her wedding dress for her own wedding, she was very talented at making clothes then. So it has extra special meaning for me as sadly my mum died at the age of 59. This was second time round for both us and our vows to each other were about nothing will change we were so happy we didn’t want anything to change. We had been together 4 years by then and what we didn’t factor into this promise to each other, was how much things would change around us. Being of this age is a time of change, during the last 4 years since we have married we have both experience loss, my husband lost his dad and then his mother. I lost my closest relative who was officially my aunty but in reality she was more like my sister/mother and my best friend. Then my father was diagnosed with advanced dementia and prostate cancer and I spent the last two years looking after his affairs and taking responsibility for all aspects of his life resulting in him moving in a home, he died this year. My husband and I now refer to ourselves as orphans! We have both left jobs that we were in for over 20 years and moved into new roles and that has been both exciting and scary at the same time. There have been other changes to, my son got married to my gorgeous now daughter in law and my first grandchild was born 3 years ago, closely followed by my second grandchild to my daughter this time and just recently my third grandchild has arrived too! So we can never really say things wont change because at this stage of life change is almost inevitable, how we react to the change though is what really matters. Some changes will be expected, some unexpected and some sad and some full of joy. One thing I do know is that the thing that hasn’t changed is the feeling, how we feel about each other remains the same and in the end that’s what matters most.


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