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Apr 21

Weekend Blog 18th April 2020 – more new beauty finds for hair and skin and benefits of a Fitbit during lockdown

I have, already blogged about the fabulous Marks & Spencer advent calendar and I am now slowly making way through the products, especially now during lockdown, when many of my go to  products are running low.

I won’t be the only one with this problem, but one of my biggest challenges at this time is my hair, as a person who has had bleached highlights for most of her life I am now faced with dealing with dark roots.  For some reason having dark roots seems to also make my hair look out of condition and lank, with little shine to it and needs washing most days to make it look anything like decent.

So when having a look through my sample product box, I came across one for hair from Aveeda, its actually a full size product and recommended to use on damp hair and then style as normal.  Its called Damage Remedy for daily hair repair with instant repair, protecting from heat styling, I used it for the first time on Sunday and it really made a difference with my hair looking silky and smooth.

Whilst on a similar subject I also want to mention the benefits of a silk pillow case, a few years ago my closest aunty and best friend Beverley Owen was going through chemotherapy and struggling with an extremely sensitive scalp, after loosing her hair.  I did some research and discovered that sleeping on a silk pillow case could really help the discomfort, so I bought us both one.  It really helped her and I just found it lovely to sleep on, recently there has been quite a lot of publicity on the other benefits of sleeping on a silk  pillow case which includes your hair and your skin.

As my other one was ruined after it ended up in the washing machine (top tip hand wash!) I decided to get anther one, there is a popular brand all over social media but very costly.  I ordered mine from lilysilk  (www.lilysilk.com/Silk/PillowCases)  for half the price £36.00 and currently there is an offer with 30% off, it is only silk on one side but you only need to sleep on the silk side!

So what benefits have I noticed, my hair it looks amazing after a nights sleep where normally it looks like I have been through a hedge backwoods in my sleep, its smooth and hardly needs any attention at all the next day.  My face feels lovely and soft in the morning and lastly its improved the quality of my sleep, I have been waking up less and therefore I haven’t had the battles of trying to get back to sleep with too many thoughts in my head.

Lastly, I decided to invest in a Fitbit, really because my way of exercising has had to change during the lockdown, I felt I needed a way of firstly monitoring what I was doing and secondly a way to motivate me to do the exercise.  Its really worked for me, I have virtually abandoned the car now, if I can walk there I will and I can see the benefits in my daily exercise recordings

.  There are various Fitbits on the market, I went for the Charge 3 which was reasonably priced at £89.99 and offered me enough options for what I needed.



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