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Sep 22

What’s the point of exfoliation? Week end Blog 20th September 2019. I have been regularly exfoliating for sometime now having tried a variety of different brands over the years and I have a few firm favourite brands. But firstly why bother, well exfoliation is one of the most effective ways to promote youthful skin because of its main role in removing dead skin cells and helping to promote softer smoother skin as well as increasing circulation and removing cellulite and assisting the body with its natural regeneration process. All of this results in brighter, firmer and more healthy-looking skin. Unfortunately as we age our body’s lose its natural ability to shed skins cells, younger skin regenerates every 28 days but over time this natural rate declines and this can lead to a variety of changes and result in things like clogged pores, change in texture and dull skin. Exfoliation can help speed things up and improve cellular turnover and allows the skin to operate at its best. Exfoliation helps to enhance absorption of topical skin care products into the deepest layers of the skin, where the aging process initiates. My routine is to exfoliate once a week usually on a Wednesday, I call it my ‘mid week fix’ and it includes a long bath with candles and a glass of fizz! My three favourite products at the moment (remember its good to keep experimenting with new options too) are; Espa Relaxing Salt Scrub around £36.00 and will last you around 6 months. The Espa Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser acts as a 3 in 1 gel cleanser and exfoliator but I use it once a month as an over night exfoliator mask its £32.00 and again will last around 6 months. Lastly I have blogged before about this product, Vaseline Intensive Care gel at around £3.00 its great value and ideal for applying after your body exfoliation, it will take a while to absorb so I usually put on some comfy pj’s straight after applying and by the morning I guarantee your skin will look and feel fabulous (my hubby will endorse this!).

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