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Sep 01

Weekend Blog -31st August 2019. As always they go to quick especially this one, as I start back to work tomorrow after a long summer break. Decided I needed a wardrobe clear out which is always cathartic and followed my usual principal, I ask myself ‘Did I wear it this year or last year’ and ‘Do I still like it/does it still fit’? and if the answers are ‘no’ it goes to the charity shop. Once that’s done I start to group together what’s left in my wardrobe to help me see what I need to buy to go with it and most importantly write a list so I don’t get side tracked and buy for the sake of it, especially when I am looking for clothes for work. Luckily there are still some good buys to be had in the sales so I managed to get hold of some nice blouses to go with my staple crop style trousers and a couple of nice summer style dresses that I can wear while its still reasonably warm and later with thick tights and a blazer. Managed to fit in a Combat class on Saturday before the shopping and as we left our car in the village after going for a Thai on Saturday night I managed a 30 min run this morning to go and collect it! So a couple of challenges for me this week as I will be in the office and then staying over in a hotel Monday to Friday, will be to get some exercise in and not eat rubbish all day! Packing my gym stuff and will definitely be prioritizing time for a run or going to the gym, I have bought some of those little nuts and raisons shot packs (these were from Aldi a bargain at 39 pence), some low calorie soup packet mixes for lunch times and a bar of dark chocolate so I can have a fix during the week when I need it. I will try to eat a decent breakfast such as poached eggs or omelette. which will usually fill me up and mean I wont need to eat lunch other than some fruit to snack on and then just go for a normal healthy dinner, anyway that’s the plan……

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