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Apr 12

10th April 2020 Week end Blog – Covid lockdown week 3

That’s 3 weeks done, the time has gone surprisingly fast and like many of us, I have fell into a new routine, so many things about this enforced distancing has  been positive.   Apart from the obvious benefit of slowing down this horrible virus and the impact it can have on all of us, the impact we are seeing on the environment and then there are the numerous examples of humanity and acts of human kindness and concern for others.

I feel that slowing right down has had a positive impact on me, I am enjoying the simpler things and not really missing things that previously seemed so important, like going out every week end.  Before  Covid,  I would have to have a plan for the weekend and then, during the days of the week end, I would be cramming in as much as I could like going to the  gym, doing umpteen  classes, cleaning the house, shopping, cooking, getting my nails done, eye brows etc., etc.,  That leads me onto shopping, food shopping and how much food I previously wasted, throwing out unused food that was now out of date as well vegetables and fruit that had passed it best.

A trip to the supermarket feels like a very different experience now to how it did a couple of months ago.  Fears about coronavirus spreading and the measures supermarkets have sensibly put in place to protect staff and customers mean a simple outing to pick up your weekly supplies feels very unfamiliar and one I personally find to be an anxious experience.
Add to that, the government guidance means that for many people a shopping trip for essential food is one of the only times they’re leaving their homes during lockdown, apart from for their daily exercise.  Long waits for online delivery slots and priority for these spaces being understandably given to vulnerable people, may mean ordering shopping online is not an option either.

So I am trying to get other local deliveries for things that I need more frequently, a local company delivers milk, bread, juice and a few other essential items but that still leaves the need to do a weekly shop, also as my daughter Alex is a single mum I am also doing her shopping as well.

This has all made me much more aware of what I am buying, doing more meal planning and ensuring nothing is wasted or thrown away any more, the key to this is lists and sticking to them.

To help alleviate the anxiety of the shop I am using Sainsburys which is a smaller one, near to me and the SMART app to shop, its brilliant simply down load onto your phone put your shopping bags open into the trolley and then scan each item and put them straight in your bags.  At the end of the shop you go to the self service tills and put your phone against the scanner and hey presto it transfers your shop onto the till and you just pay by your card.  No queuing at a till or being too close to the cashier which can reduce risk for both of us and cuts down your time actually in the shop.

I have been trying out a few new recipes, adapting some and utilizing some of the ingredients I have in, one of these was to utilize a cauliflower I hadn’t used and a bag of Kale.  I made a meal out of the cauliflower by making a cauliflower cheese and adding in  flaked smoked haddock which I cooked in milk and then used the milk to make the cheese sauce and served it with a crusty hot piece of sour dough bread which I had cooked in a bit of olive oil and salt and chilli flakes.  Now I have to say my husband was not a fan of this one but I liked it!

I decided to make a soup with the bag of kale and I also  had in, a sweet potato, red onion, carrots, lazy garlic and some stock cubes.  So I wilted down the kale and added the rest of the veg and cooked for about 5 mins and then added in 850 mls of vegetable stock with 2 vegetable stock cubes and cooked for 20 mins.  I like my soups to be a bit chunky so I use a hand blender and quickly roughly blend the soup but not until its completely smooth, this lasted me 3 days for my lunches!

Other things that have been good this week are butter nut squash soup made with the ingredients already prepared from Sainsburys and a dish I have blogged about before  chicken cooked as a one pot on the top of the cooker with chorizo, butterbeans, tomatoes and chilli flakes served with the sour dough bread as above, yummy.

Lastly, I have been fitting in one form of exercise a day, the weather has been kind so I have been trying to get outside as much as possible at the moment, more on exercising during isolation next time.


Take care and stay safe.

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