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Jul 31

31st July 2019 – my first offical blog!

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My day started with dropping my gorgeous grandson off to nursery after a sleep over at Glam Ma’s last night.  At 3 he hasn’t yet mastered my title and lately has reverted to callling me mummy!  From there I went straight to the gym for a class of Burn followed by a 3k run on the jogging machine, me done it was off home.  Having spent the last month or so working and planning on my Blog today seemed to be the right day to make a start.  My aim is to offer you some insight into what I have been doing since turning the age of 50 (now 8 years ago) and sharing what has worked well for me. I am not professing to be an expert but friends and family often ask me what I have tried and what I do etc., and I can honestly say that what I did do, on a very conscious level, was look at what I could do, to prepare my body, skin and mind for the changes that lay ahead.  This has lead me into a voyage of discovery, learning to understand more about the physical changes that take place from this age and what the body needs to support that.

Diet – what changes do you need to make, what additional nutrients do we require and what should we stop consuming to support our immune system and fight off the threat of various illness’s that we are susceptible at this stage of our lives.

Skin –  what can we do to ensure that it remains in the best condition it can be  from creams to treatments to botox and fillers.

Exercise – are there changes that you can make that would be more beneficial at this age, less pressure on joints more supportive of stronger bones.

Lifestyle choices – its not realistic to think we can continue to live our lives as we did in our younger years, what elements do you need to address, what new options are there for you.

Mind – the most powerful tool you have, the one you are in control of, tell it what you want to do and it will happen.  Having a positive mind set sounds simple enough but it takes control and practice too.

So thats a  bit of a whistle stop tour on what to expect on Kimbo’s Blog I will share with you what I have tried from products, to excercise regimes, to recepies, to clothes, to make up, skin regimes and where I get them from.  I am not about the most expensive I am more about the best outcome with value for money and being experiemental along the way.













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