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Aug 29

Bargain beauty, health and household buys, Blog – 27th August 2019. I have become a fan of the Home and Bargain shop thanks to my daughter Alex and I now do a monthly household shop there for; washing powder (Fairy 90 tabs), dishwasher tabs (Fairy Ultra 76 tabs), washing up liquid (Fairy large bottle), all cleaning products; kitchen, bathroom, shower, bleach, polish, hob, air freshener as well as toilette rolls, kitchen rolls, kitchen foil, cling film (all around £1 to £2) and lastly but not least The Pink Stuff. This has been recommended by Mrs Hinch and has become a cult product, it is a bargain at 89 pence but its not a new product many of us will remember this from many years ago manufactured by Stardrops, you can literally clean anything with it. Its often out of stock quickly so when you see it in get a few tubs. Doing a monthly shop here for these items has saved me about £50 a month. The other items worth picking up are your paracetamol and ibuprofen (39p each) and I have just stocked up on my winter vitamins as I can be prone to colds and sore throats I take Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex to support my immune system. The effervescent Vitamin C and Zinc tablets are only 99p for a month supply (and suitable for vegetarians) and contain 1,000 mg of vitamin C which is more than double that of another well known brand which is 3 times the cost. All their vitamins are only 99p, I have compared them to well known brands and they contain the same mgs and doses. I also buy my toothpaste here, I am a fan of Oral B, I switched to this brand many years ago having been given a free sample and never used anything else since. I love the way it makes my teeth feel not only when I have brushed them but in the morning too, just like I have just cleaned them and I have had no dental treatments needed for 8 years now including the need for a clean, and here its only 99 pence. In terms of beauty products I have been experimenting more recently with face packs, I like the Balance Gold Hydrogel Mask at 99p it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and looks great afterwards. For sometime now I have been using a tinted moisturizer on my neck as I have sun damage which has left me with redness and uneven skin tone. I tried their Pure BB cream all in one light moisturizer and found it really good for covering up these areas on my neck and its £1.99. Lastly I have used fake tan on my legs for years now, no matter how brown I might go on holiday my legs don’t, its like they didn’t come with me! I apply Coty Sun Shimmer (£3.99 here) using a mit, this one is great double sided and only costs £2.99 and lasts most of the summer too. I am often trying new things that I spot in Home and Bargain so will share new items when I try them too. My top tip go once a month buy all your household products and then have experiment with some of their other products too. Forgot to add a before an after picture of my new hair cut and colour from my last blog very pleased with it.


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